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          • newest technology, tradition, molding

          Molding Creator – Building Decoration System

          Our molding offer


          Our exterior pre-coated moldings are flexible, solid and lightweight. They are low-maintenance in any type of climate and they fits most of architectural styles.

          Interior molding

          Our interior moldings are also flexible and easy to install. They can be painted in any color. Our special coating makes them well-protected from casual physical damages.

          plaster and glue, molding

          To be assured in the outstanding durability, Molding Creator produces own adhesives for exterior and interior profiles, flexible putty and a water-borne dispersion paint.

          Benefits of our products:

          1. Our building materials are fully compatible. Our customers may fully embody their ideas both during construction, design and renovation of their house. All produced materials were designed in such a way that they can be easily combined and never exclude each other. On the choice of a customer, we offer more than 300 different molding designs. Moreover, we can supply our clients with totally customized profiles.
          2. Our moldings are durable. We made them fully protected from aggressive environment. Covered by our special flexible but solid stucco, these moldings are highly resistant to any types of physical damage including hail. Due to the exceptional properties of our product, it can transported everywhere without any risk of damage.
          3. Our moldings suit any type of climate. Due to the innovative flexible coat, Molding Creator’s profiles withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature. Moreover, the composition of the coat makes these profiles UV-protected and waterproof (with only 1% of water absorbability). Though, customers will not face any cracking, bleaching, rot and decay.
          4. Our mouldings are safe. Made in compliance with all technologies, moldings do not emit any harmful substances in the air. Additionally, the cover is flame-resistant. Thus, fire safety of a house will not decrease after installation.
          5. Our covered moldings do not lose any flexibility after some time. After four years our covered profiles did not lose any flexibility. They can be stored easily and installed in convenient time. In other companies’ products we have also observed a significant loss of flexibility after some time as well as molding deformation caused by an enormous material contraction which is used to cover the slats. Cracking and breaking of slats occur frequently during installation.
          6. Our moldings are installer-friendly. The installation does not require any professional building skills. To install our profiles, one needs minimum equipment such as saw and roulette. Every client receives step-by-step illustrated instruction in order to make the installation process fast and simple.
          7. We provide competitive prices and great shipping conditions. Our optimized production process and effective logistic channels allows us to produce high-quality product at very competitive price. Strategic dislocation of our factory enables us to offer attractive terms and conditions for shipping overseas and successfully operate on new markets.
          8. Our profiles are repeatable. Our moldings are suitable for reuse without losing their exceptional qualities.


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