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          • newest technology, tradition, molding

          Plaster glue

          (In order to make the adhesive work faster, apply to the surface of the element, and wait 3 to 5 minutes before connecting.)

          Universal FIX

          Technical parameters

          – Colour: grey
          – Application temperature: 0oc to + 30oc
          Temperature of can/container: from + 10c to + 30c
          Correction time: ≤ 15 min **
          – Mechanical anchoring: ≥ 2 hr **
          – Efficiency: approximately 40 mb *
          – Hardening time: 24h **
          – Fire resistance: F/B3 (EN 13501 / DIN 4102)
          – VOC content (volatile organic compounds): 138

          Measured for a braid diameter of 2-3cm, the final efficiency of the product depends on the temperature, humidity, distance between the bound material and wall in addition to the chosen method of application; ** Measured at a temperature of +23oc and 50% relative humidity; All parameters have been measured in accordance with the internal measurements[g/can]

          Universal, one-component, high-efficiency polyurethane adhesive foam for gluing plasterboard and OSB, EPS and XPS foamed polystyrene, mineral wool, partition walls and ceramic blocks, silicate aerated concrete, sticking coffers, skirting boards, window sills, stairs etc. Adhesive is very easy to apply, and because of this, assembly projects can be completed much easier. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

          – Easy and convenient to apply
          – Low growth ensuring stability of the glued elements
          – Mechanical anchoring after 2 hours
          – Application in a wide range of temperatures
          – Excellent adhesion to most materials

          Can be used for gluing plasterboard and OSB boards
          Can be used on masonry of partition walls and housings made of silicate, aerated concrete blocks, ceramic hollow blocks
          Bonding styrofoam boards, XPS
          Installation of window sills and stairs
          – B
          onding of decorative elements of coffers, floor strips



          Quartz Primer

          Contact primer is used to prepare a rough bonding coat on non-absorbent substrates under self-leveling masses, putty application, machine plasters, fixing ceramic tiles, etc. For indoor and outdoor use on dry and seasoned surfaces of dismantled concrete and reinforced concrete, prefabricated elements, old ceramic linings, gypsum boards, paint coatings (paneling), OSB boards, terrazzo and other sealed mineral substrates.

          Technical parameters

          -application temperature (air, substrate, materials): +5oc to +25oc
          -drying time: 1-2 hours
          -possibility of gluing the cladding: after 2 hours of priming
          -density: about 1.5kg/dm3
          -adhesion to concrete: min. 1MPa

          – increases adhesion to substrates with low water absorption
          – contains quartz sand
          – equalizes the absorbency of the substrate
          -ready to use

          -for indoor or outdoor use, on walls and floors
          -underneath tiles
          – on sealed concrete, old tiles, terrazzo, OSB, paneling
          – under self-leveling compounds
          – stiffeners, machine plasters
          – molding creator allows for decorative moulding


          Quick-drying polyurethane adhesive is characterized by excellent adhesion to most substrates, a very high bonding strength, high mechanical resistance, as well as good filling properties. After hardening, it forms an extremely strong joint, resistant to water (D4 waterproofing class), chemicals, and fluctuating weather conditions. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Does not contain solvents.

          – extremely high strength of adhesion
          – suitable for gluing moist wood
          – excellent adhesion to most substrates
          – good filling properties – suitable for uneven substrates
          – for indoor and outdoor use
          – does not contain organic solvents – does not damage delicate surfaces (i.e. Styrofoam)
          – highest water resistance rating (class D4 according to DIN 204)
          – high chemical and mechanical resistance
          – thixotropic – will not flow from vertical surfaces

          The product is designed for gluing:
          – wood and wood-based materials (i.e. Windows, doors, furniture, stairs, handrails, garden structures, roof trusses)
          -elements of metal, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel
          – artificial and natural stone, drywall, insulated sheets, bricks, ceramics, concrete
          – glass, PVC, synthetic materials, insulating materials (i.e. Styrofoam, polyurethane foam, glass wool)

          Fast Acrylic

          Fast Acrylic Putty is a new generation of acrylic with a light texture which allows you to fill in cavities in walls, ceilings, and facades without the need to apply multiple layers. The acrylic putty is ready to work on and paint on just after 20 minutes from application. Thanks to the innovative formula, the acrylic putty guarantees the user durability of the weld and comfort of use. It is characterized by good adhesion to both wet and dry surfaces as well as smooth and porous surfaces (i.e. concrete, plaster, brick, wood, drywall). The acrylic putty is virtually odorless and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV radiation, and moisture. After full curing, the acrylic can be sanded and painted.

          – filling in cracks and fissures in walls and ceilings
          – masking of heads, screws and fasteners during assembly of partition walls and suspended ceilings
          – filling cavities in facades
          – minor repairs before painting

          -ready for working on and painting after just 20 minutes
          -can be painted on using any type of paint
          -will not become discolored
          -will not burst and does not crumble
          – for usage outdoors or indoors
          -easy to apply and work on
          -can be grinded